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We are hiring

We’re looking for a teammate.

Do you enjoy Linux operating system and programming in the C language? We are looking for a teammate to work with us on embedded systems development.

LinDev is a Czech company based in Olomouc, which specializes in software development of electronic devices. We are currently developing software for small to medium sized customers across the Czech Republic. The devices we develop software for are used in products such as 3G/4G routers, fire and security systems, Laser Game, ticket machines, drone identification systems, wireless control systems and many more.

What will be your main job?
– Linux configuration, driver development, platform porting and Buildroot system
– firmware development for ARM-Cortex M microcontrollers (STM32, NXP, …) and Zephyr, ChibiOS, NuttX, FreeRTOS systems

What knowledge and skills should you have?
– you know C, Bash, you are also able to understand a bit of Assembly
– you are interested in low-level code – drivers, porting to new hardware
– you know how to compile and configure the Linux kernel

We do not require years of work experience, the main requirement is an interest in how operating systems and processors work. If you have the skills mentioned above, are able to learn new things, share them with others and design your own solutions, we’d love to give you a chance.

How can you impress us even more?
– knowledge of SPI, I2C, UART buses and protocols and experience with ARM Cortex processors
– experience with U-Boot and Linux or other operating system customizations
– experience in similar projects

What do we offer?
– very interesting and diverse projects
– flexible working hours 0 – 40 hours per week by appointment
– salary according to experience and time availability
– work from home, but sometimes it is necessary to meet in Olomouc
– long-term cooperation

We have great experience in software development, which we want to pass on and develop. We want to focus as much as possible on the quality and expertise of software development, so we are happy to compensate for time spent on your own self-development and bringing knowledge to the company or contributing to open-source projects.

For first contact please email us at